Monday, February 11, 2008


Okay. Here's my tag from my friend Annette.Find the nearest book of 123 pages or more. Turn to pg 123 and read the first 5 sentences. Post the next 3 sentences.

Heres' mine from Prayers for New Mothers by Angela Thomas.

(a prayer to God)
"To live a pure life means I cannot be swayed from my purpose-to glorify you- in my home and in my choices-no matter what happens. Whatever the world throws at me, no matter how persuasive or alluring it might be, I will hold on for dear life to the biblical principles that Jesus calls me to exemplify.

Pure mothering means I won't always be popular." Ain't that last statement the truth!

There you go. You're supposed to tag 5 people. I tag, Molly, Rachel, Kelly, Dawnette and Heidi.

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annette said...

thanks Eryn! that was a good 3 sentences... timely, too. : )