Monday, April 28, 2008

Cool printable wallet card for safe plastic and chemical free cleaning recipes

I found this link to a the Oregon Environmental Council site where you can download and print these cool walletcards that have explanations of different types of plastics and which are the safest types for kids/different uses. there is also one for safe cleaning products and recipes to make your own! It looks great...give it a peek!

OEC Link

Friday, April 25, 2008

ek inspired!

I started up a new blog to peddle my creative least until I can come up with a better way!

e.k. inspired

Currently I have up my Nursing Cover Ups ($25) with the current fabric choices I have as well as my Burpies (burp cloths) ($5 each or 3 for $12) and current fabric choices.

Soon, I'll be posting my handstamped silver necklaces for sale! Check it out, and I'm sorry for shamelessly promoting myself!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Scrappy Weekend

So this past weekend, I went away with some good friends and our scrapbooking gear. It was SOOOO nice to getaway! It felt good to my soul to be with gals I LOVE and to get the creative juices flowing (I think that's what fed my hunger for projects this week-see below!). I love being creative, so it was nice to create fun stuff from my baby's first year. Thanks Nic and Alli for the super fun weekend!

The weather was crazy for late april, with hailstones the size of peas! It was good weather for staying inside all weekend...we pretty much ventured out to Starbucks and for food...

Here's us all with our favorite pages we did over the weekend!

And, here's what I accomplished this weekend (baby's first year! Yay!)

This is my favorite one!

(and, yes, I know that last one says "Family Christma" with no S. I ran out of stickers and need one more stinking S!!darn.

Sorry for the 10,000 pictures on this one...

Coffee Table Makeover!

So, I'm driving home one day from my favorite scrapbooking supply store, and lo and behold...some kids on the side of the road with a coffee table and a "free" sign. Well, now, I just happen to be in the market for a coffee table, and I have a small budget. Free, however, fits right into my budget! So, I loaded it into my van. It was ugly...real ugly. Husband, thought it may be hopelessly ugly. But, I had hope! I had seen on HGTV a while back some design on a budget show, where they turned an ugly table into a cute ottoman. So, I set out to the store to buy a few supplies.


And After!

for some reason the pics make the paint job look a little blue, but it's "black ink". Aren't you glad there is hope for ugly coffee tables? I am.

Oh yah, and here's one for giggles:

This is what my kids were doing yesterday when I was painting thier bedroom...the preschooler dressed himself from the basket of clean know, a Car's movie tshirt, backwards undies, a winnie the pooh bib, and his funky winter hat. That's practical right? (notice the toddler is in the background doesn't have any clothes on. I was busy painting, what can I say! At least they weren't eating cookies and jumping on the furniture!)

I have 2 of my big projects done! The kids room is done, and my ottoman. Now, i just need to sew a baby gift, put together my decorations for the party and finish the clean up on my house! I'm getting there...

Monday, April 21, 2008


So, my sister in law is due with her sweet little miracle girl in 23 days! So, of course there will be a shower, at my house, this sunday.With that, my sister in law (other one) and her family will be coming down to stay the night on Saturday.

So, I've decided to squeeze in a few projects before then (in the next 4 days).

Make some cute flower arangement/shower decorations

Paint the kids room (got a smokin deal on some "mistint" paint in the exact colors I wanted!! $5 a gallon of my favorite Valspar designer paints at Lowe's-yahoo! Thanks Beckie for that tip...I'll always look for that first!)

Paint our room (again, too good of a deal to pass up)ps-I love painting, really. I enjoy seeing a plain white wall pop with color when I'm done and make us feel more cozy and homey.

Make an ottoman out of an ugly coffee table (I'm super excited about this project, and will share the results soon!)

Get my usual stuff done around the house (plus make it extra spiffy for the shower)

hmmm, can I get it all done? Hope so! Am I crazy? Maybe. Husband thinks so (oh, yeah, he's making our chicken coop...our little birds keep trying to get away! They are cramped and getting cranky about it! They NEED to be outside now.)

Friday, April 18, 2008

One more thing...

Have you gals seen the trailer for Baby Mama? I think it looks hilarious! They are 2 of my faves from SNL. I wanna see it!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Girls I come

My scrapbooking gear is packed, and I'm ready for a getaway!! I'm off with a few good girlfriends for childless fun! (i LOVE IT when I get to sleep, uninterupted for a whole pottying preschoolers, no fussy teething!!)

I'll report and take pics of my pages when I get back!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Kid puking in WalMart = NO FUN!!

nasty details to follow: Yes, exactly what the title says...Yesterday my toddler puked right at the walmart checkout. He'd eaten a RED fruit roll-up shortly before. So, a nice giant puddle of red puke. All over him. All over me. All filled up in my flip flops. NASTY! So, the nice check out girl hands me A (as in ONE) paper towel. HA! I wanted to say..."seriously, lady? You must not have children". I was with my mom, thankfully, so she politely said, "I think you should call someone with a mop" and I scurried off the the bathroom with my still retching child. I stripped him down, tried to rinse him off. Thankfully my mom was wearing layers, so I was able to ditch my puke soaked shirt and wear her sweatshirt home.

He also puked in the van and the bathtub that day. Mommyhood is SO very glamorous some days! (Any tips for getting rid of that nasty smell from the carseat? I washed the cover, but it still stinks!)

I feel like my kids have had the pukies like once a month or so for the past 6 months. I'm seriously ready for the flu/sickness season to end!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ok, Ok, people!!

Just kidding, I love you all! Here I am...

I've sort of been waiting to post pictures of our spring break trip, but alas, my computer literally will not accept any more pictures! :) Time to make a major download to my external hard drive. My little Mac just can't handle how much I love my children!!

So, I had family from out of town, then we left town for most of last week for husband's spring break...It was so fun! We flew down to LA area, and visited lots of loved ones, and had one really fun day to ourselves at the beach! It was so nice!! We ate yummy food (including in-n-out....mmmmmmm)and drank coffee. It was fantastic! Then we continued our vacation here in town and went to the children's museum on friday and to mcmenamins (again, mmmmm. Captain Neon burger? Blue cheese, bacon...YUM!!)

So, that's where I've been. I will post pictures, hopefully soon. In the meantime, you can pray for me...I'm spending today and most of tomorrow praying and fasting. I'm doing ok right now, but starting to feel tired (literally, sleepy!). I will share more later on that.

Love you all!