Wednesday, September 17, 2008

more senior pics

Here is some of my faves from another senior picture shoot...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

75lbs of tomatoes+25 lbs apples +50lbs peaches=What was I thinking?!

Today i went to my local farm store, Kunze Farms (which I love). I went seeking tomatoes. I got a little giddy when I saw all the fruit, too. I thought, I'll do tomatoes today, peaches tomorrow, and applesauce friday. Well, being the newbie canner that I am, I thought, I'll wait til after dinner to get going...I forgot that tomatoes take longer than other water bath, I only got half way through tonight (although I have a couple hours of water bathing my jars before bed)...And, I kinda forgot that I have an eye appt in the morning, and company coming for dinner...and plans on friday morning. OOPS. Well, a few late nights and I should be good to go, and have yummy deliciousness in my pantry and freezer to make it allllll worth it! Oh...and I baked some bread in there too. Supermom, I am should see the mess! (Sorry, Delores, it's not the orderly system you properly taught started that way, my kitchen was spotless when I started!!I'll get it down someday).

And, Mom...for the record, it's way more fun doing this together! I was lonely skinning my juicy red friends! :( Praying you have a smooth weekend! I love you!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayden!

Dear Hayden,

I know I say this every year, but I can't believe you are 4 years old already. It seems like just last week that you came into our life. From the start you were such a sweet boy. You were such an easy baby, you fit right in to our life seamlessly. You were happy to be anywhere. You slept great, were always happy. The news that you were coming even came at the perfect time...Grammy was battling cancer, and we all really needed some hope and something to be joyful about...and ever since you've brough so much love and joy to our lives.

You are always full of smiles and have a wonderful sense of humor and love to tease. Your preschool teacher told me that at the end of the year, this year, that your sense of humor was great for a preschooler! You are always cracking us up! You are always laughing and play well with other kids.

I love that you want to snuggle with me before bed, EVERY night. I know that before long, you won't want that, so I savor it now.

You are a learner. You take in a ton of information, and I can watch your face and see that your thinking hard about what you're hearing. I think you're alot like your Daddy, like that. You observe before you jump into are careful and look out for others.

You are so full of love and are loved by many friends...we saw that today, with all of our wonderful friends and buddies who came to celebrate how special you are to us today.

My prayer is that you will grow into a boy and man, who keeps those same qualities that make you special. I know others will appreciate your sense of humor. I pray that your learning attitude and cautious observation will develop into good judgement and wise decisions. I hope that you always are comfortable being affectionate with us and others. All of these things make you so special to me.

We had a fun day today...started out with your first swimming lessons with your buddy Sam. You were mostly serious, and I could see that you were taking it all in. You did great and had so much fun jumping into the water with your teacher.

Then, we had the big party! We celebrated in "Camping" style...with a tent, campfire and all! We roasted s'mores and you played with your buddies in the backyard. You even got your Big Wheel that you have been wanting! You are so brave and fast on that thing, you surprise me! You and your cousin Sterling have so much fun playing together...Even when it's been awile since you've seen eachother, you always pick up right where you left off...laughing together and having a great time!

We love you so much, and are so thankful to the Lord for blessing us with such a special boy.

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Friday, September 5, 2008

highlights of my day

I made smoothies for breakfast this morning. I really enjoy my smoothie in the morning. Today, I gave the boys theirs, and set mine aside while we made some yummy raspberry muffins. We made the muffins, although Jack couldn't reach to help us, so I gave him and empty bowl and wooden spoon to play with.

i took a little potty break, and when I came around the corner, I could hear this slurping someone slurping soup. And giggling.

I saw that my smoothie (strawberry) was in the bowl and the two trouble makers, were slurping MY SMOOTHIE out of the bowl. Oh well. I didn't look so appetizing now, smeared all over thier faces.

#2 Jack said "yuv you" aka LOVE YOU for the first time today! To me, on my way out the door...I said, I love you! and he just replied "yuv you!" Matt and I looked at eachother and I said...."He's never said that before!!" It made my day!

#3 I got 5 minutes to take a shower today. 4 of the 5 minutes, my darling little boys were zooming thier choo-choo's all over the glass of the shower door. Seriously...I only get ONE MINUTE of peace and quiet to my self? Really, I need more than that.

#4-I did get to go out with some really fun gals tonight for "Mom's Night Out"...that's always a good time and I think we had a record breaking turnout
! My friend has the blessing of having access to a fun condo down in the pearl district of portland, and apparently a big night in the city was appealing to some mommies! We had a great time...That gave me a little sanity break that I needed. Thanks ladies!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We are home from ANOTHER weekend away and we are finally DONE travelling for the summer. Somehow, all of our summer adventures ended up in August...we've been gone EVERY WEEKEND, and I'm tired.

This weekend, we went to some friends of our family's mountain cabin and really, we just relaxed. It was my dad's side of the family's annual campout (if you call renting expensive little cabins at a mountain resort with a pool and workout room "camping"). It was fun, and chilly! We really spent only one evening with the large family and most of it with just my parents and brother, sister in law, and baby abby. It was so nice to snuggle up with cozy blankets and coffee, and watch old movies. The boys played outside and we did venture out to Timberine Lodge for lunch, where it was SNOWING!!'s august! It was so cold!

This was the most relaxing trip we've had, and it was nice to just BE. Matt is back to work today, and school starts tomorrow! I cant' believe it's time already. I am looking forward to's my favorite time of year. I love crisp cool mornings, fall colors, and getting back to some routine in my life. I'm not a super structured gal, but I do like predictable routine in my life. It helps me be more organized. And if you know my hubby says "you need an orgazational life coach" least at home. :)