Tuesday, February 19, 2008

romantic getaway...

We left sunday right after church and headed for the coast. I couldn't believe my eyes, when my husband told me we had to stay here...what a dump!

Then, our friend who owns this shack, took us out to lunch, and then said, "Hey, why don't you drive this while you're here?"

So we did. And it was reeeeeally fun. The weather was awesome! It was almost 60 and so sunny! I'll admit, it was a little chilly for a ride with the top down, but we couldn't resist!We went for a drive (we had to get our first dose of vacation coffee). Then, we went for a walk on the beach. It was SOOOO nice. We talked, we laughed, I cried some. (like I always do when we have heart to hearts. It was lovely.

Then we watched the sunset.

Then we did something else that I did not take pictures of, nor will I describe for you (use your imagination, it was us, a lovely beach house, and no kids...you figure it out!)

Then we went to bed, and slept. All night long....nobody waking me up to pee, nobody cryiing...just us, sleeping!

Then we woke up, got our first dose of coffee, and went for a drive down hwy 101...beeutiful!

Then we stopped by the site of our first unofficial date. Hug Pointe, how cute is that? It actually sounds like some hot makeout site, which we did not (then or now). (we actually didn't kiss for the first month we dated!On purpose!)

Then we sat and watched this for awhile.

Then we got back in our cute little ride and went back to here for round 2 and breakfast...baked goods, YUM.

We putzed around town, went home the long way and stopped for lunch in Astoria for some Yummy fish and chips and Husband had an awesome burger.

Then, back to reality!

ps, I finished "The Shack" and it was soooo good! I loved it!


Lynne Paulus said...

Eryn, what a fabulous treat!! You're right, that place totally looked dumpy, too bad you got such a dud! Was it like you were young and carefree? I'll just look at your pictures and live vicariously through them! I'm so happy for you guys to get such a special get-away together.

Lee Ann said...

Ahhhh....weekends away are so awesome! Amazing how 24 hours without children can be so heavenly.

Glad you liked the book.

annette said...

ah... beautiful weekend, thanks for sharing your adventures and photos! love to hear more on the book...

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Aww I'm glad you got a chance to sneak away from the kids for some hot, beachy, bready love.

Julie said...

what a fun weekend, Eryn! Wow. what a beautiful house. Ahhhh. the waves crashing...the sun...sounds perfect.

meleea said...

that looked like a great get away. Simple blessings are such a treat! We enjoyed a couple hours at the beach today - the weather was amazing!

Michelle P said...

How awesome! I didn't know you guys got away! Good for you. What a way to do it too!

megduerksen.typepad.com said...

i am jealous!!
i would love a get-away right now...like this very second. and to be near the beach would be heaven.
that is so important for your marriage too.
good for you for going...even if it was such a dump. :)

the kicker is... said...

I dont' get it - what else did you do?

Seriously though, it sounds like you had SUCH a beautiful time together. Thanks for posting pics - this land-locked wanna-be-near-the-ocean girl is VERY grateful!!

love love love you!!!

ashley said...

hey eryn! it's ashley! of course i remember you and matt!! looks like you both are doing well and your boys are beautiful.