Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Luke's big day!

Hey friends! Most of you, my faithful readers, know of our dear friends, the Jensens. Luke Jensen's bone marrow transplant is one Wednesday!! This is a big deal day for the Jensen's...please pray for them. Especially, Luke and Jake (luke's brother and bone marrow donor) as they undergo the transplant tomorrow. Luke has been battling AML Leukemia for several months now, (and doing it like a champ, I might add!)and after completeing several rounds of chemo, tomorrow is the big day.

He still has a LOT of recovery time ahead, so keep on praying!

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vikki said...

Thank you Eryn for your support!! The prayers and love from our friends like you is priceless to us! Thank you!!!

(p.s. Im one of the people who look at your blog!! Love it! )

God Bless!