Monday, July 28, 2008

New EK Inspired fundraiser for American Cancer Society/Jensens

I am excited to show you 2 new ek inspired necklaces inspired by some dear friends...the Jensen family. Many of you have heard their story, about thier son Luke (7) who has battled AML Leukemia this past year (and had victory! Praise God!).

The Jensens have a team for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life this August, and in support of that cause, I am donating 20% of the proceeds of these 2 necklaces to thier team (all money raised goes to the American Cancer Society). The American Cancer Society does great things for cancer, and raises a ton of money each and every year to support further research and support for families facing cancer. My own family (and I'm sure many of yours) have recieved the benefits of ACS, when my mom went through radiation treatment 4 years ago for her cancer. God is so good, and she has been healed! So, needless to say, this is a cause near and dear to me for many great reasons! If you know and love someone who is facing/survived cancer, you could wear this to show them your love and support!!

Hope $20- Sterling Silver 3/4 inch disc, handstamped with the word HOPE and the cancer awareness ribbon.

Big Hope $30- 1 1/4 inch Copper disc and 3/4 inch sterling silver disc. Handstamped with the word HOPE and the cancer awareness ribbon. (the small disc could also be personalized with the words "in memory of ______" or "in honor of______" if you'd like, just let me know!

To place an order, just email me at
(tax not included in prices listed above)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mission Completion! (in the words of Little Einsteins)

Finally! Some Pics!!

God is funny sometimes...about 2 weeks ago, I asked him, "Lord, should I keep putting time, energy, money, into this little jewelry business? Please show me." One day later. I got an order. the day after that, I got an order. "Ok, Lord, this is good". Then, the day after that I got a call, for THIRTY personalized bracelets. "OK, OK, Lord! I hear ya!" God is good!

And...all this, right after we felt confirmation from the Lord to move into the adoption process, but with no idea where all the finances will come from! God will provide where he doubt about that! So, I'm thinking that my proceeds from ek inspired will go to the adoption fund.

So, Tuesday, I met with some friends to discuss their design ideas. Then I dove in, with a deadline of 7/23(today). That gave me 8 days, to design, order supplies and create 30 bracelets! Holy smokes...

But, thanks to my mom and sister in law pitching in, (Thanks girls!) We cranked them out. Here they are, right before I delivered the finished project last night.

Thank You, Julie for the referral!

For some reason, my pics won't upload, I'll have to try again later!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

oh my (deep breath)

So, if you've known me for long at all, you've probably heard me mention that "someday, we want to adopt". Well...I think "someday" has arrived!

My hubby told me today, that he's always had a desire to adopt, for as long as he can remember. For was when we went to Nepal in 2001 that God put it into our hearts that someday, we were to bring a child into our world through adoption, and ever since, it's been a given. Now, in my little dream world plan, we'd have our few babies (biologically) and then adopt the last one. More and more, it's making sense that we'd take the adoption step sooner, rather than later.

So, after some inspiration to look into it, and the more we're learning, it's making more and more sense to get the ball rolling. We attended and seminar tonight, which was our first step in saying we're ready to go down this road. We went to All God's Children International, and learned about the process, asked loads of questions, and met a family who adopted a little guy from Ethiopia. He was so stinking adorable, I had wet eyes hearing about their journey and seeing how much they loved that little man. We both felt a big peace about the whole thing, and I think we're ready to dive into this thing. We have lots of praying to do, thinking, head is swimming with what if's. We have no idea how it will all come together, or what it will look like in the end, but are so excited to see God's plan for our family move into the next chapter. HOLY MOLY. How the heck am I supposed to go to sleep, now? I just watched a DVD full of little orphan faces. Should've saved that for the morning! There will definitely be more to come on this topic...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Egg!

Yahoo! We were out putzing around the yard tonight (harvested my first radishes!), and I decided to check and see if we got an egg from our chickens yet...and we did!! I couldn't believe it! Here is the first one...pretty small, but a nice hard egg (I've heard that the first ones can be kinda soft). I was so excited, that I tossed my fresh radishes into the coop, thinking they were the dandelions I meant to toss in for a snack for the girls. Dang! Then, I didn't really want them back :(. Not sure which gal gave up the egg, but Myrtle, Agnes, and Gladys were all 3 happy little cluckers tonight. Gladys, the black one, is definitely the boss of the flock...she's got the other doing what she says. It's pretty funny!

In other news...I'm so happy that Michelle and I went in on a grain mill together this week! I whipped up my first batch of freshly ground whole wheat flour and baked up some bread... and it was delicious! I know, some of you, including my own mom, think I've gone off the deep end. First the cloth diapers, then the chickens, making my own granola bars and bread, and now, with my little grain mill. But, I am loving it! I always wanted to be like Laura Ingalls Wilder on Little House on the Prairie (which I still watch, occasionally on the Hallmark channel). I am feeling great about the food I'm giving my family...I also picked up several boxes of canning jars for a great deal at the same sale, and am so looking forward to canning tomatoes, applesauce and pears again this year!

I kind of had a little melt down this morning. I got all weepy on my way to church...I realized that just flat out did too much this week, and my hubby was gone all allergies are making me seriously miserable, I was wiped. So, my sweet hubby dropped me off on the way to church at my moms, which always makes me feel better (going to mom's, not skipping church). I sat and chatted with her and after lunch I took like a 3-4 hour nap! It was awesome! I felt so much better. My allergies really wipe me out...I can't wait for fall! This week, I will be better at staying balanced with my commitments.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Life is just a bowl of cherries

So, yesterday was interesting. I went to a newer Goodwill store, where you literally buy clothes by the pound. I found some terrific kids stuff, after a TON of digging. You sift through these gigantic bins of clothing, no organization whatsoever. Mens, Womens, all styles, kids, babies, all mixed in gigantic bins. I found some terrific finds, and I walked out with 43 items for $31. That's pretty stinking good. I bought a bunch to bring home, wash, iron, and I'll try to resell them at a local resale shop. We'll see what happens, I'd be happy if I make back enough to pay for what I want to keep. It was fun! Kind of like a garage sale...

Then, I took my haul to my car, unlocked the trunk on my van and put in my goods. Then I closed it. With my purse, phone, and keys inside. It was still locked. It was hot, my kids, thankfully were standing outside the car still. My hubs is out of town for the rest of the week. Super! Just how I like to spend a hot afternoon! I called my mom, and she came to our rescue with a cool car and a phone and the yellow pages. $49.95 later....we were back in.

Then we went to my mom and dad's and picked these yummy cherries from the cherry tree in their back yard. It was fun! My boys ate more than they picked, which reminded me of when i was a little girl doing the same thing. This pic is of the fruits of our labor!

I also have some new designs in my etsy shop! I'm having so much fun making these, and hoping to sell enough to keep my habit going.

Three Large initials, in copper and silver accented with a freshwater pearl (although, I like it without the pearl, too). Hand hammered to give a little more of a textured look. Each of these discs is about the size of a penny and they hang down about 2.5 inches down from the chain. So fun! I used my hubby, and my 2 kiddos names.

These are 3 silver pea sized initials in a row. Again, my hubby and kiddos are the initials.

I call these, Big Fat Initials. I love them! Again with the penny size discs and a large stamped initials.

Can't remember if I've posted these before...but I love love these little squares! they are little 1/2 inch squares with little names hand stamped into them, accented with the freshwater pearl. So pretty! Could also do any word or number, whatever!

have a great night! we're off to spend some time with friends for dinner (who are graciously rescuing us from our Hot Hot house!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

24 jars of heaven in my freezer

My day looked like this. Woke up at 8:30- AWESOME! Kids slept all stinking night, in thier own beds, without waking us up...Hallelujah! Cleaned my hubby's shower, put away laundry that been lurking for a week or so, vacummed, tidied up the laundry room, did dishes. (yes! that felt good to be productive for an hour or so)

Went to Kunze Farms for my fresh strawberries...oh baby, de-lish! Yesterday and today I've been on my maiden freezer jam voyage, and I must say, thanks to Mere's freezer jam, I'll never buy the store stuff again! mmmm. My boy was a happy helper (because he ate more than he helped) PB &J with this stuff is HEAVEN.

picked up some fun fabrics today for Nursing Covers...Can I just say that I could spend HOURS looking at fabric? The colors, textures...mmm. They inspire me to be creative. BUT...with two grouchy kids in tow...not so much. They totally wrecked my fun. This is why, when I picked a color for my wonderful pedicure on Sunday...I picked OPI's "More time for Me" just cuz I liked the name. :)

Here's one to entice you to check out my e.k. inspired blog...
It's a sassy spunky lavender, plum, olive, and chocolate SO cool.

Then, I bought a new phone for home (apparently I talk to much. I used 1700+ minutes last month on my cell. Vonage, here I come!) Then, we stopped on the side of the road so Preschooler could pee in a water bottle.

then we raced home so I could change out of my sweats and burn some Brauts, then off we went to church for a meeting. whew. I'm tired.