Monday, February 4, 2008

i *heart* french toast

Seriously, I do. Everytime I go out to breakfast, it's what I order. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. When I've been pregnant both times and in the throws of morning always sounds so good to me (and no, I'm not pregnant). I love it at Elmers, I love it at IHOP, I love it at home, I love it fancy (and HELLO! THEEE most amazing french toast EVER is at the restaurant in the heathman lodge. It's made from slices of delicious bread pudding, drizzled with raspberry sauce and candied pears...OH.MY.GOODNESS. amazing....and surprisingly no more expensive than IHOP and waaaay better.)

So, I've been wanting to try the Deceptively Delicious French Toast recipe. I made it with Sweet Potoatoes (you're thinking, ew, gross, sweet potatoes in my french toast). But it's only like 2 tablespoons, and it IS SWEET, so you can't even taste it under your syrup. My boys gobbled it up and asked for was gooo-ood.

On Sunday morning, I made it again, only this time with pureed pineapple and sprinkled with toasted coconut. deeelish!

Now, go ahead...sneek some veggies in your kids french toast! It really was good. (and honestly, you could just add a few tablespoons of pureed sweet potato, pineapple, banana, applesauce, butternut (or any other kind) squash to your regular run of the mill french toast batter and nix the milk...

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Blomgren2 said...

First of all... love the new look. Second, love that you use the cookbook so much to make meals healthier. I might have to actually sneak things in so David will eat veggies or anything healthy! He is somewhat picky but LOVES french toast too!