Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well, 10 days camping and only 3 showers later, we're back! We had a terrific time with the fam down in North Bend Or at Spinreel campground in the oregon dunes. Fish and Chips, is good! My parents have an RV and 4 wheelers, which makes it really fun. My aunt, uncle and cousins have them also, and my brother and his wife came with a couple it was a blast! Matt and I are the only lame-o's with nothing but a Hot Wheels scooter and a stroller! But we mooch well, and got to have fun anyway.

My kids did really well...I was just telling Matt how much I love how camping wears Hayden out! He goes to bed so easy at night. The fresh air and dirt do wonders for that kid's soul! He spent hours on my mom's quad pretending to go to Starbucks and the go-shee (grocery) store. Can you tell what my life consists of? :)

I'm too tired to deal with uploading I'll do it tomorrow!


michelle said...

Hi Eryn!

Thanks for the comment! The charms were fairly easy to make. We should try to do some kind of workshop or something on them.

I read that your running or considering it?? There are a few of us that were going to try to start running/walking on Sat. mornings. I will add you to my list if you'd like and let you know when we're going. I too NEED to get my butt in shape!

I'll add your blog to my links list!


infarrantly creative said...

I was wondering what happened to you. We haven't had a post in sooo long. Glad you had fun with the fam.