Monday, September 24, 2007

Update on my goals

Just writing down my goals has been so helpful!

I have started writing in my journals for the boys...I think it's going to be harder to do than I thought. I mean, I hardly have time to journal myself, let alone 2 other people! But I think whatever I can get in there will be worth it.

I started my Beth Moore online bible study "Believing God" for the 4th time in 2 years. I am determined to complete it! It is SO good. I'm only on day one, but man, she is an amazing teacher. I wish there were videos everyday...I just love to watch her read scripture. I'm starting to feel like my life has some routine again, I think preschool helps with that. It forces me to plan my day a little more. Anyhow, i'd love an accountability partner on this...anyone else want to do it? If you want to check it out, click here. I don't know why I've never been able to finish. It's SO good, and really, each day's homework only takes me about a half hour. Which makes for a nice quiet time. today, I put Jack down for a nap, and turned on a Thomas video for Hayden and was able to get it done.

One of the things in the first session she challenges you to do is from Joshua 5, where he says "Consecrate yourselves, for the Lord is about to do something amazing among you." She challenges you to find a way to step it up a notch...really purify yourself in a new way...stretch yourself, almost like fasting from somthing in particular during the next 9 weeks. God wants to do something wonderful in my life, and I need to show him I'm ready for, I'm giving up daytime television! It's so easy to keep on my tv all day while I'm dinking around the house. And nothing important or even good is going into my brain. I am excited about the study. I'm so ready for some spiritual growth in my life. I eel like I'vs really been a slacker for the past....year? ugh. I hate that. I'm ready to grow and refresh my relationship with the Lord. Any takers? you do most of it online...


Julie said...

Isn't she awesome when she reads scripture? I did her 'breaking free' study about 4 years ago. The link you put in didn't work...can you send it to me?

Shannon said...

I'm commenting hear since the title had "goals" in it. Thanks for the cool running link. I really need to decide which program I want to do. Too many choices. I was gonna do the 6 month one, but I like the cool runnings thing. 9 weeks seems quick though!! I might have to adjust it a bit or something. Maybe repeat some of the weeks. We'll see. You move, I'll move and we'll both be running soon enough!