Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mom My Ride

Ever since I knew I was preggers with my 2nd little peanut, I starting thinking about "THE MINIVAN". Suddenly, they became more and more appealing to me....those double sliding doors, the plethera of cupholders...seating for 7. This was all to husband's dismay...he had proudly declared for years "We will NEVER have a minivan". I told him, he'd one day have to eat those words...and this summer it came true. It was time to rethink the car situation, and of course we were after the most practical car we could get...and we ended up with a 2003 Chrysler Town and Country. I like it alot, and Mr. H says " I like our van. It's my favorite!" (although, right now he has LOTS of favorites). I got a kick out of this youtube video! It's so true of me...including the golf balls rolling around! Thank you mom.

thanks Jennifer P for the video!


Julie said...

so funny...i told ryan if we ever have three kids, he is gonna have to cave in the minivan department. I never thought I would either but thinking about trying to get three kids buckled in a normal car...well, minivans do sound more appealing. Maybe thats why he is fine with having 2? ;) You've been tagged. Check my blog.

Denise Crawford said...

Oh, you are so very welcome, honey! I am happy to furnish the golfballs for the minivan!! Does it count that I actually searched the massive sand dunes of Oregon to provide those for my grandson?? I'll likely be providing some goldfishy crackers and juice, or chocolate milk, or fruit snacks to help "mom your ride" in the future as well. This video is a crack up!!!