Saturday, January 26, 2008

book worm

Well, I guess you actually have to crack the pages and read to be a book worm, techically. I've been on a book buying binge this week. First, I shopped on Amazon on Tuesday after hanging out with Mere, and got inspired to buy these:

And then, Mere and I talked on the phone some more, and I got back on and ordered this:
We are going to do this study together. friend Beth invited me to join which is so fun! You can see what your friends are reading/have read and get inspired to read. (so far, I'm only inspired and haven't actually read...but I WANT to. that counts, right?) So, now I want to read these: we had a family book date at Powell's in ptown. I LOVE Powells. I used to spend hours there (now, we spend 20 mins in the kids section and after that...we're in a hurry to get out.) We traded in a bunch of books and got $72 in store credit (YAHOO) and I bought these:
Well, I guess it will only let me post this many pics. For some reason, I can't upload any more! grrr, anyhow I bought 2 Charlie and Lola books We-meaning our fam- love Charlie and Lola stories. It's a funny cartoon on Disney about a boy and his little sister...every book starts out with..."I have this little sister, Lola. She is small and very funny." I just like them alot. These 2 darling little british cartoon kids...
Anyway, they are a favorite.
So we got 2 of those, and a Field Guide book for my camera (yay! Now, I can learn what big words like "Aperture" and "Shutterspeed" actually mean.)


Payton & Ellie said...

If you are looking for a great book my recommendation is "The Shack" by William P. Young. It is the most amazing and crazy book I have ever read. It has completely uprooted my impressions of God and turned them on their head. It is fantastic! And it's easy to read, which is good when you have 7.5 minutes at a time in you-know-what-room! :) It's a fiction book, and written like a novel. I think everyone should read it.

the kicker is... said...

hey - I'd love to chat about doing the Beautiful study with you too! I have the workbook and have never dipped into it.
My thought: we could have a phone date every coupla weeks and chat about it
Whaddya think?

Blomgren2 said...

Kite Runner = good read. said...

i love charlie and lola. my kids don't as much i do...but i try to push it on them. their voices are precious.
aperature is a big word...and i still don't get it.
and angela thomas changed me. i saw one video of hers talking about being in the secret place with god and it was life changing.
you are a busy girl.

meleea said...

You are an ambitious reader. I don't know if you have read "The Shack", but it is excellent. I love checking out your blog. Can I add you to my list of favorites?

annette said...

hi eryn, i'm w/ heidi and meleea... the shack is a wonderful read i think you'd really like it (so trite to say, can't really put any non-religious words to it...) i'd love to put you on my friend's blog list... yes? : )annette

The Pace Posse said...

I have that Weight Watcher cook book. I love it. Let me know what you think of it!

Lynne Paulus said...

I have heard the Kite Runner is an amazing book. I am going to attempt to read it at some point. I'm impressed at your desire to get in so much reading in this stage of life! I'm doing good to to do much of anything! I have finally updated my blog finally. :)