Thursday, January 10, 2008

8 years ago...

Reading Lee Ann's blog today inspired me...and I realized TODAY is my 8th year proposal anniversary!

8 years ago today, I was tricked! Really...

I was working at the church office, where we were gearing up for the annual high school ministry winter retreat. Dave, my boss, said hey Eryn, I need you to drive to Camp Eagle Fern and look it over. I hear they've made some renovations this year and I want to know what we're up against....
Eryn "WHAT? We go to that camp every year for the past 15 years...really? We know what the cabins are like! But OK.

Eryn"Gee Dave, can I take somebody with me?"

Dave "Sure, I don't care"

Eryn "hey, can I take my boyfriend (who I thought was NEVER going to propose) Matt?"

Dave "sure, I don't care!"

Off we went. A random Monday afternoon. It was POURING down rain. We went to camp eagle fern.


all the same. Whatever Dave...

Matt "hey, let's go for a walk..."
Eryn "it's pouring down rain...let's just go!"
Matt "come on..."
Eryn "ok."

We walk. Matt's talking about the great memories over the years of being students at this camp...yada yada. Then, he starts telling more specifics about a day in high school at a retreat...during quite time, at this waterfall. We turn and start going up the hill to this waterfall. It was wet. and muddy.

matt "I knew that day, when I found the girl I wanted to marry, I'd bring her here to ask her to marry me"

Eryn (in my head) "maybe someday that'll be me!"

matt reaches in his pocket and pulls out a little black box...

Eryn (in my head) "Oh my goodness! That's what he's doing!!"

I started shaking so much...literally knees knocking together. Matt though I was going to fall down the big muddy hill. So, he held me up and opened the box. He told me he loved me and wanted to spend forever with me.

We drove back home...I kept saying, "I should call _____" he'd say, "oh, just wait a little while"

When we got home to my folks house, it was FULL of people and a surprise engagement party! (I looked GREAT. Rain, mud, smudgy mascara)

It was a day I'll never ever forget! (I'd post pics, but that was in my predigital era)



Denise Crawford said...

Matt invited his soon to be mother in law to go to his house (when he wasn't there!) and pay a visit to his sock drawer where he'd hidden the ring - he was so excited! It was so fun being in on the secret. I just have to say... Matt is "INLAW APPROVED", and I proved it to him for his birthday by presenting him with a t-shirt that speaks it!! Love him like my own. And I thing both of you have great taste - couldn't have chosen better if you'd asked! Matter of fact, i may have had that thought YEARS before at Cornerstone...


Lee Ann said...

Oh, that is such a good story. What a memory. And so funny that today is the day! We got engaged in June. I was just looking through some pictures yesterday, thinking about how much I love him, and decided to post that. Glad it inspired you.

~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

ahh I love that story. I remember when you told it to me many years ago and thought "I hope something that romantic happens when my whoever pops the question." And, luckily, it did!! haha! Only mine was strawberry ring-pop style...
Mmm I'm not sure if I've given up my blog...I'm just busy, and sick of living online! I was spending WAAAAY too much time online and I find I'm alot happier when I can put down the computer ;o) 5 more months and then we can just talk in person! yaya!

Jennifer P. said...

That was a truly wonderful and romantic story--but I came for the review on Deceptively Delicious (via Meg's blog). I have wanted to buy this book for some time, but alas I don't have a food processor and it seems to be a key ingredient. I keep eye-ing the jars of babyfood at the grocery store thinking, that looks pureed and they have carrots and prunes and all that stuff she calls for. What do you think? Can I use baby food and trick my kids?!

Jennifer P. said...

OH by the way I should have put a :) at the end of that first sentence. I wasn't trying to trivialize your nice engagement story, just trying to be funny (emphasis on TRYING!).