Tuesday, January 8, 2008

8 things that drive me crazy

I was tagged by my friend, Julie, to post 8 things that drive me crazy. This was started by my other friend, Shannon (her blog title is eightcrazy).

I'm going to do mine David Letterman style, leaving you in suspense to my #1.

8. Laundry. It's never ever ever ever done. enough said.

7. boogery noses. my little peanut has a crusty one right now, but he FREAKS out when I try to clean it.

6. nasty ears...a huge pet peave. i happened to be blessed with the 2 dirtiest ear-ed kids on the planet. I seriously use 2-4 qtips PER DAY PER KID. sicko.

5. no matching socks (see #8)

4. Not having a cup holder on my stroller. leads to many spilled beverages when I try to balance them in the canopy/cover thing.

3. Finding an amazing sale, and having all the products be sold out! I get so excited to use my coupons, and then have the let down when it's gone. (also finding a great clothing item on clearance, only to find NONE of the size I need.)

2. People I love hurting...physically, emotionally, spiritully. WAY to much of this in life right now.

1. THE NUMBER ONE THING ON MY LIST IS......taking my kids grocery shopping!! Without a doubt the most miserable experience know to man(woman)kind. OK, that's an exaggeration (see #2...much worse). HOwever, it takes twice as long, with 9 trips to the potty, numerous items grabbed from shelves, whining, crying...misery. I had such trip yesterday. H wet his pants...J was fusssy...a non fun time had by all.

I also love what Julie did, and posted some things she's loving right now.

Here's mine:

1. My new bible! The Message/TNIV parallel bible in a cute brown and blue. Makes my quite times more applicable and I just want to read from my cute new bible!

2. Curves cereal/chewy granola bars. Lots of fiber low calories and TASTY.

3. Having my stroller with it's fixed tires! ( they were flat...can you tell I use my stroller alot!)

4. Bought new jeans...a size smaller than I usually do! Yay! It may have been a freak thing that they fit...but, I'll take it!

5. My new living room color! I'm going to post pics soon, but it's called "Eucalyptus" and it's pretty!

6. My kids playing together and making each other laugh(the good belly laughs!)

7. Eating (at least trying) healthy. I feel good about myself when I know I did a good job.

8. My family. My parents, and my brother and SIL (and soon to be baby)...and my cousins. I feel really happy about where things are right now. We're just enjoying eachothers company and I love that.

9. My new laundry room! YAY!!! It's done, and so nice! Going from garage floor to a fancy laudry room is AWESOME.

10. Last but not least, my amazing husband. I like him. ALOT. He's fun, smart, sweet, kind, giving, sensitive, and a stinking hard worker. (LOVE YOU HUSBAND!)

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Julie said...

whoohoo, eryn! those are good ones. Oh, winco and two kids. Life in the fastlane, I'm telling you!