Saturday, June 7, 2008

Por Que No? Post #100!

Wow, I feel like I should have a party for my 100th post! (you know, like the 100th episode of your favorite sitcom...)

Anyhow...Tonight my hubby and I had a much needed and long awaited date night! We decided to swap date nights with some friends of ours with kiddos the same ages as ours, and they live pretty close (Thanks Jeff and Jennifer!). So, we had 3 fabulous hours all to ourselves!

We went to portland and went to Por Que No? (it's supposed to have an upside down question mark at the beginning, but my mac doesn't have that) and had the stinking tastiest tacos ever! Seriously, I wanted to lick the paper in my little taco basket! I had pork carnitas...matt had chopped steak. We had delicious rice and beans...they were not your average beans and rice. They were so flavorful and yummmmy. We talked, and ate, and walked around Mississippi Ave window shopping and then to our fave coffee shop, Albina Press. It was so nice...Ah, date nights should really happen more often!

Love you honey! Looking forward to next time!


Infarrantly Creative said...

We love date nights. We do one a week. We scam babysitting from a friend of ours who has three kids already. She hires a babysitter and we add $3 an hour to bring Isaac. I mean if you are babysitting 3 kids what is one more? So for less than $30 a month in babysitting it is waaaay worth it. It is amazing how a couple of hours sans kiddos changes your outlook and gives you clarity.

Julie said...

good job getting out, eryn! we definitely need to be more intentional about it here!

Dee said...

Way to keep the marriage SPICEEEE, baby! When Crystal was younger we traded baby sitting too. It really saved the money for the date instead of the babysitting fee. Either way, every penny you spend on these types of things are a great investment for your marriage.

michelle said...

ohhh we'll have to try Albina Press. I love coffee shops! I didn't know you're doing your business. You should have joined Lindsay Lucas and Kelly Dean and I today. We had our first little biz group meeting. : ) If you want I'll let you know for next time.