Monday, April 21, 2008


So, my sister in law is due with her sweet little miracle girl in 23 days! So, of course there will be a shower, at my house, this sunday.With that, my sister in law (other one) and her family will be coming down to stay the night on Saturday.

So, I've decided to squeeze in a few projects before then (in the next 4 days).

Make some cute flower arangement/shower decorations

Paint the kids room (got a smokin deal on some "mistint" paint in the exact colors I wanted!! $5 a gallon of my favorite Valspar designer paints at Lowe's-yahoo! Thanks Beckie for that tip...I'll always look for that first!)

Paint our room (again, too good of a deal to pass up)ps-I love painting, really. I enjoy seeing a plain white wall pop with color when I'm done and make us feel more cozy and homey.

Make an ottoman out of an ugly coffee table (I'm super excited about this project, and will share the results soon!)

Get my usual stuff done around the house (plus make it extra spiffy for the shower)

hmmm, can I get it all done? Hope so! Am I crazy? Maybe. Husband thinks so (oh, yeah, he's making our chicken coop...our little birds keep trying to get away! They are cramped and getting cranky about it! They NEED to be outside now.)


Lee Ann said...

All you girls and your energy! Could you send some my way? Looking forward to pictures of all your projects.

Infarrantly Creative said...

I love projects but I love before and and after pictures too. Hey keep us in the loop! I wanna see pics.

Julie said...

yes, you are crazy. have fun and good luck

Delores Gaudet said...

I thought I was crazy with my to-do list this week BUT I know now I'm not the only crazy one in Clark County! You go girl!