Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ok, Ok, people!!

Just kidding, I love you all! Here I am...

I've sort of been waiting to post pictures of our spring break trip, but alas, my computer literally will not accept any more pictures! :) Time to make a major download to my external hard drive. My little Mac just can't handle how much I love my children!!

So, I had family from out of town, then we left town for most of last week for husband's spring break...It was so fun! We flew down to LA area, and visited lots of loved ones, and had one really fun day to ourselves at the beach! It was so nice!! We ate yummy food (including in-n-out....mmmmmmm)and drank coffee. It was fantastic! Then we continued our vacation here in town and went to the children's museum on friday and to mcmenamins (again, mmmmm. Captain Neon burger? Blue cheese, bacon...YUM!!)

So, that's where I've been. I will post pictures, hopefully soon. In the meantime, you can pray for me...I'm spending today and most of tomorrow praying and fasting. I'm doing ok right now, but starting to feel tired (literally, sleepy!). I will share more later on that.

Love you all!


Lee Ann said...

Thanks for letting us visit this morning...especially in the midst of your fast. So glad you posted.

Trish said...

Fun a vacation!! Was it just you and the husband or the boys too? Can't wait to see pics!