Thursday, January 10, 2008

My review on Deceptively Delicious!

It's SO great. I started with Peanut Butter Banana Muffins. They were YUMMY. They have carrots in them...Carrots are relatively safe in bread items...husband loves Carrot Cake. He'd have it for his birthday cake if I'd let him (birthday cakes should be chocolate in my opinion)

The little peanut LOVED them and ate most of them (over a few days, mind you)

Then I decided to really go for it and do the Blueberry Oat Bars (with Spinach)
Now you see it...

Now you don't!

Since then, I've made the Brownies...with spinach and carrots. Not Bad! The texture is not quite the same as "real"'s pretty dense and slightly rubbery, but the taste is good and chocolatey! Not bad for 133 calories per brownie!

My FAVORITE recipe so far is the Cous Cous. My family loves cous cous and I make it weekly. This had carrots and squash, garlic, and a smidge of parmesan cheese and it was SOOOOOO TASTY! What my neat freak husband loved, was that unlike the usual couscous I kind of sticks together, eliminating the tiny cous cous granules from getting all over the table and floor near Hayden. And Hayden loved "Orange Cous Cous". He really just loves saying Cous Cous. Whenever he is trying to be silly, he'll say it. My SIL's baby in her tummy...named Cous Cous. Should I brush my Cous Cous? It's his fill in the blank funny silly word. Seriously...the best cous cous ever!!


Julie said...

cous cous, cous cous...say that 100 times. Haydens on to something...i like that word too. I made blueberry bars today. I'll have to try the cous cous tomorrow. Let me say that again. Cous cous.

Trish said...

I've been waiting for this review. I have walked by that cookbook about a dozen times in Costco, including today, wondering everytime if it's worth it. My big question is how time consuming was it to make a bunch of purees?
I'm creating my birthday list. Maybe I'll add the cookbook to my list.
By the way, the word Cous Cous rocks! Not many three year olds actually know the word!

Eryn said...

Wow, what are you girls just sitting here waiting for me to post?

The purees dont' take too long. I've done a few veggies a week for the past two weeks. Now I have a pretty decent selection in my freezer. I spent about 30-45 minutes pureeing each time. Definitely worth it! This week, I'm tackling Spagetti and meatballs!

Denise Crawford said...

I love cous cous too. I love Hayden, I love Jack, I love baby Cous Cous...I love hearing Hayden name everything cous cous. I think I love spinach cous cous, or any veggie cous cous...I think I'll have to be convinced about spinach brownies though!!!

Yes, I'm your number one blog lurker. I confess! I want to be like you when I grow up.

mom said...

i don't know...
i am nervous.
i don't like veggies and my kids sure don't either.
i just don't think i can committ.
maybe if someone gave me the book.
change is hard.
i don't even know how to buy you just buy them in the fresh produce or are they in cans? i am serious here.
i will look it over again. but i get nervous just thinking about it. i know that's dorky.
thanks for updating me.
have a great day!