Thursday, January 31, 2008

girls nite out!

Wish I would've taken pics, but I didn't. I was carefree and spontaneous!!

One of my best girlfriends threw and impromptu gals nite...and we bowled our little hearts out! It was really fun. Apparently, I am not a gifted bowler. For one...I have an abnormally shaped thumb on my bowling hand.So, it was hard to find the right ball to fit my "special" thumb (at least that's what my mom says), that was not a man sized bowling ball. Ones that felt the right weight, my thumb would always stick a bit, resulting in a loud thud of my ball hitting the floor and rolling into the gutter.
I had the lowest score of the 5 of us...ouch. It was really fun because 2 of the gals I have met at our MOM's group at chruch, but don't know well and two of them were 2 really good friends. It was really really nice to make some new pals and just chat...honestly, it's weird that as mommies we're dying to get "out", yet all we talked about were our babies, giving birth, epidurals, breastfeeding, crazy stuff preschoolers do, a tiny bit about our husbands (they are involved in conception, at least). All while having Nachos and sharing a beer at the bowling alley. I'm sure the manly men bowling next to us appreciated our conversations! It was fun.

Here's my special thumb (I think I should get some sort of bowling "handicap")


Denise Crawford said...

It IS special - God's mark of distinction on you!!! I love that thumb...I'm sorry it doesn't fit in a bowling ball, Honey, but I love that thumb. I love everything about you.


Trish said...

Fun, Fun, fun!
My fist thought was "Eryn had a beer" as if that was some sort of no-no for you since you are such a young-un. Then it dawned on me that you are a grown woman, a wife and a mommy, and probably by now a little over the legal drinking age!
Those conversations are ones that I have had with all my friends on girls night out, we now have moved on to more important things, like our children's teachers, Little Leagues and the PTA. ;-)
I think that thumb is cute too, but I can see the issue with the bowling balls.
Glad you had fun. Love you!

the kicker is... said...

i'm rather fond of your funky thumb.
may i call it a funky thumb?
i think I shall.

hey - i'd like to chat with you about Italy. I want to go. that's that. And i was some input from an experienced traveler :) to that part of the world.

did your workbook arrive yet?

Julie said...

i love your mom's comment, "i'm sorry it doesn't fit in a bowling ball, honey" hilarious. It is special, Eryn. Yay for your thumb! I'm just not going to pick you on my bowling team...i don't have a 'special need' and I probably would score less than you. Glad you guys had fun!

Blomgren2 said...

Of course! I would love to add you too. I do miss "Blom" so much, he's just so much fun to be with :-) It's fun to be in contact with you again thanks for finding out blog a while ago.

The Smitty Family said...

I am just cracking up Eryn. I too not only have a "big toe" for a thumb on my right hand, but I have a matching one on my left hand too. If ever I go bowling, I have to spend hours looking for a ball that's not too heavy, or bowl with my thumb on the outside. I feel your pain.
I'm so glad you shared!
PS- One game left! Hip hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!