Saturday, October 20, 2007

The BIG 3-0

Well, I'm 30. I'm fine with it...I keep hearing I will love my thirties! My hubby says 30 is the new 20...As long as he thinks so!

I had a great birthday. I spent the morning shopping with my mom, it was really fun (and she bought me fun stuff and pampered me). We shopped around, went to Starbuck and had lunch at Baja Fresh, which I love.

Then my best pal Selene picked me up at 4 and took me to Northwest Portland where we went to Starbucks (my people know what I like!) and then took me to Dosha Day Spa for a FABULOUS pedicure! It was so fancy! I usually go to the $20 non english speaking places so it was a really good treat. And the best part was we spent hours chatting and just really enjoying each others company. (She took pics, and I'll post them later when I get them from her.)

THEN, I thought we were meeting our hubbies for dinner, but to my shock and surprise...there was a surprise party waiting for me! It was SO FUN. It was a the Rheinlander and the fondue was flowing! YUMM. It was alot of fun to have my different circles of friends collide and meet and I really enjoyed it!Thanks everyone! I got lots of fun presents and a birthday Polka-Yodle was sang to me...never had that before!

It was a really really fun birthday. My kids spent the night with my parents so I had some romanticizing with my husband and a wonderful nights sleep to top it off !

PS, I never knew my friends had such strong feeling about chickens! I do know that I can have hens in the city (I'm sure there's a limit to how many, but I only want 3). I do plan on having them fully contained at all times in what is called a "chicken tractor". It's like a little chicken a-frame with a hen house at one end. It's only about 5-7 feet long and maybe 3-4 feet high. We are planning to buy the house we live in within the next few months, so we'll wait to purchase them until spring probably. (Upon the recommendation of my chicken rearing friends).

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~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Your b-day sounds awesome!! mmm...fondue. There's one food that I have to say I *do* miss. ;o)

haha...I know. I didn't realize your chicken post would cause the stir that it did either.

Hey we are coming home Nov. 20th-24th so let us know when works best to get together with you two crazy kids. And all your kids. :o)