Sunday, December 16, 2007

We Believe!!

Or at least we believe in going to the mall and sitting on Santa's lap, and taking the opportunity to bribe our kid to "be good so Santa will bring you a present!"

We took Hayden and Jack for the first time to see Santa. We've never taken Hayden, because we always thought he'd be scared of Santa...but we went for it on Saturday afternoon (I know...crazy to go to the mall on Saturday afternoon!)

But we actually didn't have to wait too long, and Hayden did great!! On the way there my sweet hubby was wanting to wager that Hayden would clam up and not say a word to Santa, but I didn't want to bet. Hayden did so great! He lit up when Santa reached for him to pull him onto his lap and really easily said, My name is hayden and I'm 3...When Santa asked him what he wanted, he said "I want Thomas the tank Engine!" (of course! I think Hayden believes he actually lives on the Island of have to know Thomas even know what that is!) I was so proud!! Although, we didn't really explain very well, that Santa doesn't give it to you right have to wait for Christmas morning! So, he was a little dissappointed to walk away empty handed!

Jack wasn't too crazy about Santa, but tolerated him for a minute. It was fun!

It helped get me into the Christmas spirit that i"ve been lacking, to see Hayden suddenly be so aware of Christmas, and Santa, and Frosty and Baby Jesus...We also went to Peacock Lane to see the Christmas lights, which was fun.

I went home and wrapped up a bunch of my presents to put under the tree...i feel like now I'm almost ready for Christmas!


Denise Crawford said...

May I say it again.... I have the two cutest little grandsons!! They make Santa look GREAT!!!


Payton & Ellie said...

I love that Santa! He's been there for a few years and he actually got Payton to STOP crying and laugh for our picture! We believe too!

Julie said...

so cute! The bell rings at our house!! (polar express) Connor told santa he wanted 'gordon and the express coaches' and "lightening and the loopty-loopty race track"...momma had to go to great lengths this year to find what Santa is bringing this year.