Sunday, December 23, 2007

the rescuer

Today our pastor spoke about Christmas and how it's a story of rescue. God sending His precious Son to be our Rescuer. It was a really moving service today, I was in tears for much of it. I know alot of you probably heard it, but it would be worth visiting the church website and listening to if you missed it or live out of town.Click here to download the message.(it was 12/23/07)

In the end, Chris challenged us to think about what the Lord has rescued us from this year. They had little cards for everyone to fill out and hang on your tree, to remember what Christmas is about...God rescuing us. For some of us it's illness, poverty, could be anything. Here are mine...

I've been rescued from...

My sins.My self inflicted frustration and self pity. Sadness over family stuggles (Disappointment with Matt's broken family and healing for my brother and sister in law over lost babies). Strained/awkward relationships with family. Broken friendship. Financial challenges.

It was refreshing to give God credit and glory for the things He's accomplished in my life and the lives of people I love. It's exciting too, to realize that He's not only accomplished alot in us, but a lot of the things are still "works in progress" and he's just beginning to heal and complete things in, through, and around us. God continues to heal and bring joy in broken and hard situations.

Here's what I am celebrating...My heart/perspective have changed on life with my kiddos. My brother and SIL are expecting a healthy baby girl! My husband and I are free from the legacy of disfunction his family gave him. Expected babies in our family/extended family have given us a fresh start with some awkward relationships and given us much to celebrate together! We've had a door re-open for friendship with a friend we care deeply for, but have not been in contact with for a year and a half. God has brought us through the most financially difficult season of our marraige, and our marriage survived intact! We have many more things I'm sure...but those are my highlights!

Our God is so full of hope...He flings open windows in dark situations and floods them with Hope. I can't wait to see how He will work this coming year!

Care to share what the Lord has rescued you from this year?

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Julie said...

He has rescued me from anxiety and fear, insecurities as a mom, strained relationships (both friends and family), the desire to please...discontentment...Praise the Lord! God is so good!...I spent most of the service in tears too. What an incredible story and incredible family. Being a mom, makes stories like that make my heart just ache for his parents. It is so amazing to me how being a mom changes your perspective on the whole world. I'm so grateful for that perspective. It gives such a tangible understanding of the depth of God's love for us. Merry Christmas!