Monday, November 19, 2007

Nasty day...

Well, today was no good. But I really believe God is changing me (thank goodness!), because typically I would've lost it a few hours ago. But, my sanity is hanging in there and I actually made it through bed time, by myself!

So, Jack's been kinda crummy feeling for a week and a half. Weird poop, runny nose, hacking and I called the doc. Took him in and sure enough....First ear infection. Meanwhile in the docs office, Hayden starts saying his tummy hurts. I don't really believe him, he's been saying this kind of thing more often lately, not really serious.

We proceed to Walgreens drive thru to pick up Jack's antibiotics that the doctor so nicely called in for us. It's not ready, come back in 15 they say. I'm literally pulling out and Hayden starts crying tummy hurts! and blahh...vomit. Lots and lots of vomit. Nasty. So, pull over and try to contain the mess and comfort him.

He seems to be feeling much better, playing as usual. This is a super duper long day for Matt...7am-10ish pm, so I"m totally on my own. I think I'm missing my friends Bachelor Finale party unless Matt suprises me and gets home early. But...I made myself some cookies to eat while I watch it bad can that be? Me and a plate of cookies...sounds like a good date to me!


Lee Ann said...

Oh Eryn, I'm so sorry. I feel your vomit pain. We just got Sarah's seat put back together last night and she puked on Thursday. Fortunately we have a spare. I hope today is going better and that you soon have healthy kidos.

Shannon said...

I had to miss the party too, and watched it alone. =(

Those car vomit experiences are pretty unforgettable aren't they?!!

Payton & Ellie said...

You are the official Super-Mom of the week!! Not a position to envy, but I've been there - on I-84 in rush hour traffic. I pulled into the Emergency Room parking lot at Providence Hospital and they gave me their bodily fluids clean up kit (a box of tissues and a garbage bag - not extremely helpful). And Lee Ann is right, those toy packaging makers definitely had something to do with the difficulty level of breaking down a car seat. I hope your week has gotten better.

the kicker is... said...

i have been thinking about you so much... especially in light of your mommy posts. for whatever reason, your strengthsfinder things keep coming to mind, and then my mind goes to your giftedness and how it might flesh itself out in this season of your life.
no specific revelations... just thoughts.
and thinking of you is grand :)