Monday, September 17, 2007


Julie inspired me with her 101 goals, got me thinkin'. I don't have 101, but my list is growing. These are in no particular order..

#1-time with the Lord each weekday. The drought in this department must end!
#2-Even though I'm scared to commit...start running in October.
#3-Complete the Beth Moore Believing God study (I only started this 3 times, and never finished.)
#4-Start a journal for each of my boys...documenting our funny, silly, monumental, maddening moments. (Inspired by LeeAnn)maybe someday they'll enjoy reading about our little life.
#5 Make some of my Christmas gifts
#6-Become a more loving disciplinarian for Hayden (poor Hayden, he's my guinea pig!)I read this great book, "Making Children Mind, Without Losing Yours" while I was camping. It really inpired me to change the way I discipline... I want him to learn about Jesus love for him from the way we discipline him.
#7-paint a few rooms of our house by Thanksgiving.
#8-have a birthday party for Jesus
#9-start a new Christ centered tradition for Christmas with Hayden (&Jack)
#10-start a vacation fund.

I think this is enough to get started for now...


Trish said...

Great goals!I think they are reasonable and attainable. I would love to borrow that book when you are done with it.

Julie said...

yeah, eryn! those are great. I'm excited for you! There is just something about goal setting and actually writing it down for all to see that has really helped me.

michelle a. said...

I love your list Eryn! I'm a list person and I love, love, love other peoples lists! Is that wierd?

Your goals are attainable, which is something I'm not always realistic about.

Your journals are wonderful. Have you written in them yet?

Maybe you can make some charms for Christmas gifts : )