Monday, May 26, 2008

Still no baby!

Clackamas town center, Bridgeport Village, Ikea and Home Goods later...still no baby! She must not be ripe. Any labor starting suggestions? They have tried just about everything in the "old wives tale" realm with the exception of Castor Oil. She's not quite desperate enough to inflict herself with that yet. She's scheduled for induction on Weds am if nothing happens before then!


~*Spindelicious Handspun*~ said...

Sex! It got the baby in, it will get it out!
Seriously though, sex or nipple stimulation will will get her bodies own oxytocin going that and can induce labor. Also, semen is known to contain prostaglandins that help induce labor., nipple stimulation, and time darling. Pass it on ;o)

Tamara said...

Oh I feel for her - I didn't even make it to term with either of my girls and I was beyond ready. With Ellie though, my Dr. "stripped my membranes" and then my water broke about 2 days later after I climbed some really steep stairs... so I'm thinking sex followed by a hike up some stairs. Or just take long baths, nap, go to bed early, and eat all of your favorite foods until Wednesday...

Denise Crawford said...

someone told me today that she should sit on the washing machine with it on spin cycle...worked 3 times for this lady's daughter!!!

I don't know, maybe we should go with the bubble bath, early nighty-night, and go tomorrow and let the doctor "fix her out" like Hayden suggested.

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!


Julie said...

oh my gosh, sitting on the washing machine is stinkin hilarious. I love it...and I think it would actually work!! Letting the dr. 'fix her out' sounds like a good plan too! Hope baby is here (or almost here) by now!


Dee said...

That baby sounds like it's just super cozy! Praying the delivery goes well.