Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Real or Fake Christmas Tree?

We always have gone and made the trek to our local tree farm to chop down our own tree. We don't have a lot of traditons for Christmas, but Matt and I have always forked out our 35-45 bucks for our pretty Noble Fir. This year, I've been thinking alot more about "being green". Cloth Diapering, wanting my own chickens, re-usable grocery bags...trying to use organic cleaning's actually pretty trendy to be "green". So, this year i felt a little sad chopping down a tree and felt like it would probably be more green to have a fake tree and spare the world losing another tree. But, it turns out, the green thing to do is to have a real tree. If you care, here's a few links my friend gave me about Christmas Tree facts..


Here's some pics from our outing to Riley Creek Farm in LaCenter (the best deal on Nobles!)

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jigdog said...

i was forced into a fake tree by a person.I was in counseling for it for a few years but am not now. I feel like my dark days a behind me and i have settled into having a fake for life.