Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Holiday Ideas...

So, in light our our current desire to save moolah, I'm naturally thinking, how can I save money at Christmas?

I'm thinking that I'm mostly making gifts this year. I LOVE to make gifts, and I have no idea what it will be yet, but I'm excited to start thinking about it.

I saw this cool link about not using wrapping paper here and it had a list of other creative ways to wrap gifts without spending money on it. I think I'm going to go the paper bag route and have my kiddos decorate it.

I can't believe it's almost NOVEMBER!!


meleea said...

i have been thinking of things to make also - hmmm, what to do?!?!

we did the homemade wrap when my kids were little - with their handprints - it was a huge hit for the grandmas!

Payton & Ellie said...

My kids love fingerpainting, coloring and all other kinds of crafts. When they finish a "work of art" I hang it for a while, then stash it in my closet with my stock of saved gift bags and re-used tissue paper. I use their drawings to wrap most of my birthday gifts, baby gifts and Christmas presents. The wrapping is colorful and my kids are so proud that their art serves a purpose.
Also, to save time and money on cards and gift tags I use Word or Publisher to design a simple "Happy Birthday! Love, Payton and Ellie" or "Merry Christmas! Love, The Rush Family" label (with a cute clip art image). I then print them on a sheet of address labels. I put the sheet of labels with my gift wrap and I always have "cards" and gift tags for presents I'm wrapping.

Payton & Ellie said...

Oh, and there's a great website with Make-At-Home ideas for gifts and tons of other projects. It's called Ready Made: Instructions For Everyday Life (it's really a magazine). You can find the lists of their projects at