Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I want a cupcake

MMMMM. I have been trying to eat good for a few months now, and generally, I'm doing pretty well. BUT...this week (and guess what time of the month it is...) I reeeeeaaaallly want one of these:

St. Cupcake Hot Fudge on chocolate....oh baby, the chocolateyness and sprinkles, mmm mmm good!

Visit St Cupake here...seriously, the best cupcakes on the planet.

ps today I was supposed to run my first 2 miles straight. Didn't do it. I actually wanted to, but HOORAY, my long lost sister in law (who moved to texas a few years ago)and today, her and my neice and nephew CAME HOME!! For good! Technically they're moving to Seattle area, but that is SO much closer than Texas!My bro in law is on his way, too, in the UHaul...yay!!


Trish said...

Okay, are they really that good? I have been past their store so many times, but have never gone in because I think to myself "it's just a cupcake". Am I missing out on something?? I do understand the craving thing, and I feel much more in control if i give in to the cravings just a little, otherwise I lose complete control and go crazy. So go eat a little mini chocolate cupcake.
Hooray for your sis-in-law! It will be fun for you guys to be closer together.
Good job on your running.......I never finished the Couch to 5k, and with being so sick lately I'm thinking I might have to start all over again.
How is that other sis-in-law of yours? I'll give you a this weekend and get their contact info, cuz I sure would like to see them.
Keep Running!!

Julie said...

i didn't know they were moving back! thats awesome, eryn! missed you this morning.

Shannon said...

Thanks for giving me your new link...looks like you've been BUSY!!!

Tamara said...

Hey - just wanted to tell you that I thought you looked so great at church on Sunday - I think your healthy eating and your start-up of exercise is showing - yeah for you! Also... everything in moderation - it's the key to happiness in the world of eating good! Better to indulge in the cupcake then to think about it day in and day out - at least in my opinion!

Eryn said...

Oh baby, they are that good!

And thanks, Tamara! It may have helped that my hair was not in a ponytail for the first time in months and I dug out my lipstick, probably for the first time since Jack was born (um, yes, that would be 16 months).

Thanks though!

meleea said...

I love st. cupcake!! They are addicting - especially the dots. They are so small and cute that you can not feel guilty eating one, but then you can't help but eat a few....oh, my!! I do love dots.