Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rosemary's Racers

Race for the Cure, Here we come! I mentioned a few posts ago, that I was contemplating doing the Race for the Cure 5K walk. Within 24 hours, I found out that a friend and someone who I look up to and respect a ton, has just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. So, I'm taking the plunge! I've formed a team for the race, Rosemary's Racers, in honor of Rosemary Galanter. I figure it's a great way to show love and support to her and her fam as they embark on this journey. For those of you who read this and know Rose, please join me! I need 10 people to make a "team" by August 31...Show the love for the Galanters, you know you want to! Click HERE to join the team!


Julie said...

i'm registered! thanks, eryn!

Shannon said...

I want to do this SO VERY BADLY, but I will be in seattle with my family for our annual Girls Getaway Weekend. Thank you for puting this together.

Denise Crawford said...

Count me in!! Haven't registered yet, but I will.


Spindelicious: handpsun goodness said...

Oh man...poor Rosemary! That's awesome that you are making a team for her. Run a few miles for me!

the kicker is... said...

ERYN!! That's my last day in Portland, and I would LOVE to do this with you!!!
I have only to check with a dear friend of mine, to see if she is already doing it (it is somthing we've done together - Julie and I - in the past, so I just wanna check it out w/her first!). But if she's not, I'M ON YOUR TEAM!!! :)